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Ask Shane about his house concerts!

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What is a house concert?

The premise is pretty simple. The host provides a living room, basement, garage, deck or space that can comfortably seat and hold 20-40 friends (some are 60 -100), host invites said friends and an artist to come to their Place to play a concert. That’s it.

The artist and the host pick a date and time, choose a suggested donation amount that goes to the artist to avoid any “business in your home” legalities, the host invites and confirms guests, guests bring their donation and maybe a friend, maybe a chair or cushion, theirown drink and maybe a dish for a potluck type evening, artist plays a concert, everybody enjoys themselves, and the host provides a guest room or cozy place for the artist to sleep that night. Doesnt that sound like fun? And there are numerous variations to this scenario, so it is totally up to you!