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May 19, 2015

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Hi everybody!

I hope you are doing well. I wanted to take a moment and welcome you to the new site. It has been too long, and a very full year, but I have been working on some new music and felt I would get head of the website this time before plunging into more writing and recording.

I am usually pretty focused on a task, or two, and work away until I accomplish what I set out to do. But we never really know where it’s going to lead, do we? After a year of booking and playing shows, and writing for a new record, I found myself a bit spent…and that was a new experience as well.

After some time had passed, I realized why I was feeling a little scooped out. I sat down and just sketched out my timeline since 2009 and the reasons became more clear to me. I had made 3 records and an EP, booked shows and toured, bought a house, worked on it (a lot), Nashville flooded (lots more home repair), Brandy and I got married, more major home repair (a week before the wedding, plumbing and air conditioning), turning the backyard into a garden, trying to get to the bottom of Memphis’ off the charts allergies, and all the other life stuff we all deal with in life. All while also teaching guitar and songwriting at my studio in Green Hills. ()Here’s the website for that by the way, That was a deep plunge into technology that took years off of my life. Thanks Steve and Jon for seeing me through!

Although I was feeling a bit spent on the writing and creative side, I was excited to finding myself excited to use these days, and late nights, playing A LOT of guitar, and it was A LOT of fun. And in that, I realized I had worked so hard on the recordings, pulling it all together, trying to figure out Twitter, book shows and play shows, juggle and balance so much, I was feeling….tired and not so inspired.

But a lot of great “stuff”came out of that time. I was exited and having fun playing guitar, and I decided there would be no big plan for a while. I started to feel more and more rejuvenated and writing again. I was playing guitar on other artists’ demos and recordings, and also live. Amanda and I started having Friday writing sessions and we have written some songs we both really love and are excited to share with you soon. You can visit Amanda at

So, here I am. Writing new songs for a new record (or two), playing guitar, teaching guitar and songwriting, and feeling grateful and energized about it all. It feels like the time has come to shift the focus back onto writing, recording and booking shows. And I will be sharing all of that with you, in it’s process and stages, here. So please, poke around the site and drop in from time to time, as I will be adding lots of new “stuff” very soon.

All The Best To You,